I can’t be inside ALL the time 

obsessing over a few pixels lining up, tweaking CSS, crushing lines of HTML or agonizing over the design of a client’s project.  I need to unwind a bit and relax at least part of the time.  Being a graphic and web designer on call for my clients needs at all times of day and night is tough. I just sit inside by the computer and wait patiently for my postmaster to deliver my email.

OR- I might be out cheking out a few of my interests or motivations. I could be out participating in some art show or just visiting one that has been on my radar.  I can often be seen at my favorite car shows with or without my ride.  Sometimes I am hard at work keeping said rides on the road in which case I might have a beer in one hand and a wrench in the other. Inspirations abound when you just don’t care where to look.

Peruse some art stuff and maybe some links to other stuff I like below.  I don’t know what this page is either, but much like life, here it is. Enjoy!



Robot Swift

A quick digital sketch after a long day. After working all day, sometimes it is best to do something for yourself that might be slightly related to your trade. Keeps the skills sharp. Also- I am my own favorite client.

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San Jose del Cabo Artwalk

A few pictures from my visit to Art walk del Cabo. I had a great time and fortunately missed a good sized snowstorm back home. As much as I love living here, I could really just see myself having a summer home at some time. Time to brush up on my Spanish.

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Featured in Birdy.

ell I found out a bit late that I was in this month's Birdy. Looks like my lack of facebook keeps me on the outside again. The air is fresh out here at least. Go pick one up where you find the cool kids hanging out. I don't know where that is...

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Building a Dream

This is the winner of the Jalopnik Film Festival short. Though this Ferrari is a Frankenstein of parts and will never be worth much compared to numbers matching Ferraris of the same sort, sometimes worth is much more than the dollars and cents. I know I have to choose...

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Let Em Have It Salon- Art Show

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying a malty beverage with me and disusing the finer points in art and culture. Also thanks to the Horseshoe for hosting my rowdy bunch after we got booted from my opening. I had a blast and I just hope all your hairs were in place for...

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24 Hour Lemons Race

A few of the pictures while I raced the BFEGP 24 Hours of Lemons race this June. I can honestly say that I never had more fun in my life and cannot wait to get the ole chev back on the track. Not bad for being told that we don't have a chance. Nevermind that we were...

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Art Show! Saturday, September 12th!

Hey you! Get some culture and come down to the finest salon slash art show in all of Denver. Great views, great haircuts, great refreshments and great art by yours truly should surely tempt you out of your football and yard work induced comas. I will be there painting...

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Interests and hobbies and links, oh my!

Live Art.

From black tie events to rooftop parties, I have never spilled a drop of paint. I do, however, paint live in front of you and your guests.  Many of the events are for various charities with my paintings being auctioned off at the end of the evening.  I have had some great times and indulged in more than one chocolate fountain all while wearing a smock. If you need a live painter for your event contact me.






Studio Art.

Inhabiting studios all over, some in the worst parts of town with the worst studio mates, you know, the rodent kind. I have shown at venues that later have been condemned and had the opportunity to be a founding member of an artist gallery and co/op in a prominent art district. Never once has it been boring.  I have loved every second of it.




Garage Art.
Car and bike

Gearhead. Petrolhead. Call it what you will. I love the smell of oil and gas. I can usually be found drinking a cheap beer or two out in my garage. If not there I might be out at one of the many car shows I attend each year. Cars and motorcycles mean more to me than just a hobby and a pastime. To me they are just as much kinetic sculpture as a Calder. As wonderful as they are to look at they are even better when they are at speed. There is nothing I like more than warming up the pipes on a crisp afternoon. My appreciation of these sculptures can be seen below.   All Photos are by me, if you want to use one, drop me a line.



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